Usha Martin's initiative in combating Tuberculosis in Jharkhand.

Usha Martin

In a significant stride towards addressing the health challenges faced by the tribal population of Jharkhand, Usha Martin, has been at the forefront of a collaborative effort aimed at combating Tuberculosis (TB), a pressing issue in the region. Recognizing the dire consequences of inadequate nourishment which has led to approximately 13,000 annual deaths due to TB, Usha Martin joined hands with Shalini Hospital and local stakeholders, embarking on a path of community-driven healthcare solutions.

This initiative, spearheaded by the CSR Team at Usha Martin Foundation, focused on the distribution of nourishment kits to numerous TB patients residing near industrial areas. The program also serves as a platform for empowering local women, turning them into advocates for health and well-being in their communities.

The efforts of Usha Martin have not gone unnoticed. In a recent ceremony, the company was felicitated with a certificate of appreciation by Mr. Banna Gupta, the Health Minister of Jharkhand, acknowledging their contributions towards making India TB-free by 2025. The certificate was received by Mr. Mayank Murari, Head of CSR at Usha Martin, in a ceremony attended by the state's Labour Minister among other dignitaries.

With this accolade, Usha Martin is further motivated to continue its efforts in ensuring access to quality healthcare for the marginalized communities of Jharkhand, aligning with the government's vision for a TB-free India by 2025.