Wire ropes for passenger ropeways.

Usha Martin aerial haulage ropes are known for its high order of safety, low maintenance, longer service life, excellent quality, and high strength.The company has adapted advanced technologies to ensure that haulage ropes, used in material transportationdelivers superior performance to meet specific requirementsunder critical working environment. All Usha Martin ropes undergo stringent quality testing procedures. Our technical experts offer customised solutions and value added services to meet your exact needs.

Our product offerings include:

  • Wire Ropes for Passenger Ropeways
  • Aerial Haulage ropes
  • Material Handling ropes
  • Other track ropes

Size Range:

12 mm to 40 mm (0.472 inch to 1.5748 inch)

Aerial Transportation Rope

Quality System Certifications

  • Only producer of high quality locked-coil wire rope in India, which is used as track rope of ropeways and main cables of suspension bridges.
  • Across all material handling ropeway systems in India, Usha Martin is the only supplier of both track and haulage ropes.
  • Over six decades of enriched experience and excellence in wire rope manufacturing, supported by after sales & service network, spread across the globe.
  • Majority of the passenger ropeways in India are installed with Usha Martin’s wire rope, for maintaining highest international quality standards in our product offerings.