Brunton Shaw

With over 150 years of industry experience, Brunton Shaw UK has established itself as a preferred supplier for a large assortment of products. The company’s high-tech compacted steel wire ropes are highly preferred by industries for their usability across a wide range of applications. Decades of experience and tradition combined with continuous investment in new technologies have contributed to Brunton Shaw UK achieving the status of sole supplier with many global customers.

The company’s state-of-the art production facility is one of the most modern in Europe. It allows production of up to 400T single length wire ropes. Within the UK, BSUK has set various manufacturing records, including the production of 50mm diameter, OCEANMAX35 non-rotating rope 14,500 meters in a single length. Also, producing 144mm diameter, OCENMAX35 non-rotating rope is a record within the UK.

Working in close cooperation with customers to deliver high quality service and high performance products ensure that Brunton Shaw UK’s reputation of reliability, continuous improvement and development is always upheld.

Products & Solutions

Services Offered

Our services encompass advice, design, production and timely delivery of wire rope solutions.

The company’s Quality Management System ensures that materials undergo stringent quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process to produce superior quality products.

The plant has a world class rigging facility, providing turnkey solutions, including socketing, cutting, coiling, spooling etc.

Specially designed ropes with Plastic Impregnated Core are offered for applications like piling rigs, port cranes, mining etc.

We also conduct customized technical training programs for end-users and customers.

Brunton Shaw has in-house NDT testing facilities and Test bed facilities of upto 600 tons.

EMM Corporation

A part of the Usha Martin Group, European Management & Marine Corporation (EMM Corp), is one of its most valued rigging & service centres. EMM Corporation specialises in operations like lifting, rigging and marine mooring. It is also globally recognised as the preferred supplier of wire ropes, hoisting and lifting equipment.

Strategically located in Aberdeen, EMMC Corp has in-depth knowledge and expertise in servicing the Oil & Energy as well as Offshore Wind markets. The company offers a comprehensive range of services including heavy spooling, proof testing and inspection and has the expertise of mobilising operations in any part of the world.

EMM Corp has an enviable track record when it comes to the supply of products to some of the world’s largest projects within the Offshore, Construction, Oil and Gas, Renewables, and Decommissioning industries.

In addition to the above-mentioned markets, EMM Corp supplies and services various other markets in its region, including Construction, Industrial and Mobile Cranes, Ports and Container Port Terminals.

EMM Corp holds a vast inventory up to 3000 tonnes steel wire rope, ranging from 2 mm to 152 mm diameter, in different constructions, designed to meet specific customer needs. The fully equipped rigging shop allows pressed terminations from 3 mm to 128 mm (Talurit/ Flemish) and wire rope socketing up to 165 mm.

Products & Solutions

An Engineer is using wire rope

Services Offered

Onsite rigging supervision and spooling services.

Inspection of wire ropes and statutory inspection for lifting, marine and drilling equipment.

Refurbishment and testing of marine and lifting equipment.

Flemish/ Talurit eye and socketing terminations, as per LROS approval.

Mobile rigging and testing facilities available on a worldwide basis.

Asset management including tracking, storing, maintenance and repair.

Test bed facilities up to 500 tonnes.

Proof Load Testing.

NDT Services.

Technical Trainings.

De Ruiter Staalkabel

As a part of the Usha Martin Group, De Ruiter Staalkabel has been specialists in offering a wide range wire ropes, hoisting, lifting equipment and related services for more than 50 years.

Based at Dordrecht, in close vicinity to Rotterdam, the company is strategically located to offer services to the Oil & Energy, Offshore, Industrial, Shipping and Logistics industries. The company maintains a large stock of wire ropes of 1500 Tons, ranging from 3 mm to 127 mm diameter in different constructions. This ensures that De Ruiter Staalkabel is able to respond to customer queries with quick turnaround times.

The Quality Management System of De Ruiter Staalkabel has been certified by Lloyd’s in accordance to ISO 9001:2015. Our products and services confer to all applicable certifications.

In addition to a vast range of steel wire ropes, De Ruiter also provides all types of hoisting & lifting solutions, including but not limited to chain, chain hoists, round slings, Dyneema based heavy lift slings, sheaves, crane blocks and many more.

De Ruiter Staalkabel B.V. has built up an enviable reputation in installation, inspection, testing and replacing capabilities. This has led DeRuiter Staalkabel to become one of the most preferred choices for testing and inspection services in the international market today.

Products & Solutions

Deruiter service

Services Offered

All the services offered by the company comply to international standards:

Mobile Spooling Winches: Capability to handle reel weights from 1.7 ton up to 180 ton.

Tension Winch: Facilities to install wire ropes upto 40 ton continuous back-tension.

Testing Bench: Lloyd certified 300-ton testing bench or calibration program for load-cell calibration.

Installation & Inspection: Our technical experts are available worldwide to install or inspect wire ropes and provide all types of hoisting & lifting services.

Global Design Centre

Usha Martin Group is a continuously evolving organisation and a global leader in finding innovative solutions for industry-wide problems. We are committed to ensure that our wide range of products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality. We also strive to ensure that safety, performance and sustainability are always our key areas of focus. Our Global Design Centre (GDC) was set-up with this very commitment at the forefront of everything.

Based within Northern Italy, at the heart of industrial activity, GDC is strategically placed to coordinate our efforts towards quality assurance and continuous improvement. GDC is responsible for all strategic marketing objectives, including product & market development, application engineering and life cycle optimization.

Besides the dedicated Design Centre in Italy, Usha Martin has a comprehensive R& D facility in its manufacturing unit at Ranchi too. The R& D infrastructure includes a full-fledged design lab with specialized software for rope design. The set-up is well equipped to deliver production, testing and analysis of trial products enabling us to come out with new products periodically.

Services Offered

The Global Design Centre provides support to the group’s manufacturing units and project management teams. It disseminates and supervises all the technical guidance given to various units towards rope design, product improvement and R&D activities.

With an onsite laboratory and an expansive testing area, which includes various sophisticated electronic microscopes, GDC carries out a range of tests and in-depth analyses on steel wire ropes.

GDC functions as an additional support centre for inspection and installation services.

GDC delivers a wide range of training programs to numerous Usha Martin Group customers across the globe.

The company has access to a large talent pool from multiple geographies that brings different perspectives to technical challenges. Needless to say, such cross fertilization of minds brings the best-in-class solutions for users and ensures that our products are designed, developed, and validated to achieve the highest level of performance for different applications.