Mining industry demands the best-in-class wire rope, which can perform under one of the most adverse working conditions in the world. Usha Martin, an industry leader in the mining wire rope segment, provides ropes with excellent breaking load capacity and higher fatigue resistance, wear, and abrasion, helping users achieve reduced downtime, longer service life, and low maintenance cost. As a result, global mining companies rely on our mining rope solutions when it comes to critical operations in mining.

Our wire ropes are designed to perform in harsh mining conditions in both surface and underground mining ropes. No matter how critical your application is, Usha Martin’s expertise in the design and manufacturing of mining wire rope is always there to meet your requirement. All mining ropes undergo rigorous testing procedures to meet the technical specifications per our customer demand for today’s challenging working conditions.

In opencast mines, we offer a wide variety of high-quality wire ropes for draglines and shovel applications. Included in the range are specially developed Plastic Impregnated Ropes to combat arduous conditions encountered in these applications, which are used worldwide.

Wire Ropes for Surface & Undergrond Mines

Quality System Certifications

Our Mining ropes find applications in multiple areas, including:

Surface Mining:

  • Dragline: Hoist rope, Drag rope, Dump rope.
  • Shovel: Hoist rope, Crowd rope/Retract rope, Trip rope, Boom suspension rope.
  • Bucket excavator: Boom suspension rope.

Under Ground Mining:

  • Conventional winder: Hoist rope
  • Friction winder (Ground/Tower) mounted: Hoist rope, Balance rope, Guide rope.
  • Chair lift, Chair car system: Haulage rope
  • Direct hauling system: Haulage Rope

Material Transportation:

  • Aerial Transportation Rope:
    • Monocable system: Haulage rope
    • Bicable system: Haulage rope, Track rope
  • Cable belt conveying system: Round strand ropes

Size Range:

16 mm to 143 mm (0.6299 to 5.6299 inch)

The infrastructural facilities of the mining wire rope manufacturing are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art high-capacity machines to manufacture world-class products.