Usha Martin's continued investment in technology and equipment consistently developed products to the highest quality standards. With years of engineering excellence, many new varieties of LRPC strands were added to the product range to keep pace with new concepts and applications.

Usha Martin's product basket encompasses a comprehensive range of LRPC strands, namely:

  • Bright/Galvanized LRPC Strand (For an extremely corrosive environment with zinc coating weight varying from 190 - 340 gm/sq m)
  • Compacted LRPC Strand
  • Indented LRPC Strand
  • Polymer Coated Galvanized / Bright LRPC Strand
    • Polymer Coated Grease Filled - Unbonded LRPC Strand
    • Polymer Coated Wax filled - Bonded LRPC Strand for Stay Cables

Usha Martin, one of the most preferred LRPC Strands Manufacturers and Suppliers, offers strands of all available sizes and grades that can be polymer sheathed and galvanized in conformance to major national and international specifications.

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