Usha Martin manufactures the most advanced high-performance steel wire ropes, which are specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of the logging industry to the highest international standards and ensure the utmost safety in critical operations.

Our forestry ropes undergo a unique swaging process, resulting in a compact rope structure that enhances strength without compromising flexibility. This swaging technique significantly extends the rope's service life and enhances its load-carrying capacity, making it an ideal choice for logging applications. Whether used as hauling ropes in tractor & skidder winches or carrying & haul back ropes in skyline tower yarder systems, our custom-made and precisely engineered forestry ropes offer top-notch performance.

No matter how critical your application may be, our global expertise is always here to offer comprehensive wire rope solutions for all your forestry needs.

Quality System Certifications

Features of our high-quality ropes for the forestry application:

  • Swaged cross section
  • High breaking load
  • Better fatigue performance
  • Maximum structural stability
  • Improved wear resistance for hard terrains
  • Resilience to crushing makes it ideal for multi-layer winding
  • Less pressure on drums
  • Resistance to vibration
  • Ideal for small-diameter pulleys