Launch of TITAN – Our wire rope centre in Europe

Usha Martin

We are delighted with the launch of TITAN – our European wire rope centre based at EMM Corp in Aberdeen, Scotland. This centre is all set to revolutionize the oil, energy, offshore, and marine sectors. TITAN provides strong and reliable wire ropes for anchoring, mooring, and towing, meeting the stringent demands of these industries.

The TITAN centre in Aberdeen, along with locations in the Netherlands and Norway, is connected to Usha Martin’s global hubs in Singapore, Houston, Australia, and Dubai. This ensures customers everywhere can get what they need quickly and efficiently. The TITAN centre also offers complete installation and inspection services worldwide, ensuring that ropes are installed safely and correctly. Our global inventory includes more than 5000T of mooring, towing, and anchor-handling wire ropes. To meet the specific needs of our customers, most of our wire ropes are available with third-party certification, including DNV-OS-E304 on demand. All wire ropes can be cut to length within our state-of-the-art rigging centers and offered with the desired end terminations.

Titan offers you a one-stop solution for all your mooring, anchoring, and towing needs. Our wire ropes are designed and developed in line with the needs of our customer base and market conditions, meeting international standards and customizable for any specific requirements.