Fishing rope offered by Usha Martin adheres to international quality standards and product development, driven by a dynamic and technically demanding market in the global fishing industry. As a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance wire ropes, our fishing ropes are designed to suit all kinds of vessels from small inshore coastal vessels, to large trawlers who fish in the deepest and the most challenging ocean conditions.

A major deteriorating force in fishing rope is due to the corrosion factor in marine environment. Larger outer wire diameter, superior quality of galvanisation and application of high quality lubricants to check corrosion, considerably together extend the service life of our fishing wire ropes. We offer Combination fishing ropes, which are specially designed to withstand the highly corrosive marine environment thereby providing longer service life and significant economic benefits to our users. Our plasticated valley filled ropes are widely popular in the industry due to multiple benefits in deep-sea fishing.

Fishing Rope

Quality System Certifications

Usha Martin Fishing ropes find applications in multiple areas including:

  • Trawling
  • Purse-Siening
  • Motorised fishing boat

Size Range:

6 mm to 36 mm (0.23622 inch to 1.4179 inch)

We not only sell ropes but also offer customised solution by suggesting the right product for your application and delivering it just-in-time through our wide spread dealer network.

To provide uninterrupted service, we have built a robust sales & service network worldwide, which offers tailor made products and solutions to our customers.