Usha Martin provides high-quality conveyor belt cord that has superior steel-rubber bonding, high strength, and longer service life, offered with special packaging in reels in controlled environmental conditions.

The conveyor belt steel cord finds application in steel cord reinforced high capacity conveyor belts, widely used in the material handling industry.

The company has set up an advanced testing infrastructure, including a cord pull-out testing machine and air penetration test machine for conveyor cords to produce high-performance conveyor cords.

Manufacturers of High Quality Conveyor Cord

Quality System Certifications

The company has always focused on finding innovative technical solutions for the industry, particularly designing high-quality conveyor cords and delivering superior performance in meeting ultimate customer satisfaction. Our conveyor belt steel cords are available in 7x7 and 7x19 construction.

Size Range

1.62 mm to 12 mm (0.063 inches to 0.472 inches)


  • Drawn galvanised
  • Quality of Zinc suits rubber adhesion
  • Excellent pull-out test before and after ageing
  • Excellent dynamic cycle