Usha Martin exhibited at the Offshore Technology Conference in the USA

Usha Martin exhibited at the Offshore Technology Conference in the USA

Usha Martin

We were delighted to exhibit at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2023, held at the NRG Centre in Gridiron, Houston, Texas, from May 1st to May 4th, 2023. OTC, renowned as one of the foremost international offshore energy conferences in the USA, has been a global offshore event since its inception in 1969. It serves as a nexus for exchanging ideas, fostering innovation, and highlighting technological advancements that shape the future of the offshore sector.

Our team at Usha Martin Americas Inc., alongside our global counterparts, eagerly showcased our extensive global capabilities, innovative products, and services in the offshore sector at this prestigious event. We got the opportunity to engage with the leading offshore, oil & energy industry players and present our comprehensive range of wire rope products and services that contribute to the advancements in offshore technology. Notably, our special products like #OCEANMAX and #WINDMAX wire ropes, garnered significant attention and appreciation from the audience.

Throughout the four-day exhibition, we had the privilege of interacting with numerous new prospects and valued existing customers. Our engagements revolved around showcasing our latest developments and solutions in wire rope technology, reinforcing our commitment to delivering high-quality ropes and customized services worldwide.

Usha Martin’s commitment to excellence and passion for innovation continue to propel us forward as leaders in the offshore sector.