Channel Partner’s Meet: Umang Unlimited

Channel Partner’s Meet: Umang Unlimited

Usha Martin

In a remarkable two-day event, Usha Martin hosted the "Umang Unlimited" Channel Partners’ Meet in Ranchi, bringing together channel partners nationwide and key stakeholders from the company. This conference served as a dynamic platform for engaging discussions on critical topics such as capacity expansion, modernization projects, exploration of new growth avenues, strategies for customer delight, and the pivotal role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in ensuring sustainability for a better future.

The gathering also witnessed the recognition and honouring of channel partners for their exceptional contributions, with special awards bestowed upon them for their outstanding achievements. Usha Martin sincerely thanked all participants, acknowledging their integral role in making this event a monumental success.

"Umang Unlimited" Channel Partners’ Meet underscored Usha Martin's commitment to establishing robust global connections with its customers. Over two days, the conference served as a vibrant platform, fostering comprehensive discussions among channel partners and key stakeholders. It provided a shared exploration of growth opportunities and strategies, reinforcing Usha Martin's commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainable practices.