Cataract operation of more than 500 people at our rural medical centre

Usha Martin

In this unprecedented crisis as we strive to fight against COVID-19, our CSR wing stands united in extending full support to local communities. Our Rural Medical Centre at Angara, near Ranchi is equipped with essential medical supplies and supported by a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and medical staff. So far, we have facilitated cataract operations for more than 500 patients at Rural Medical Centre. Mostly, villagers of local communities have benefited from this initiative.

Mr. Devadip Bhowmik (Executive Director) quoted Swami Vivekananda and stated “If you want to find God, serve mankind”, during his visit to the hospital to see the patients having undergone the cataract operations. He also reiterated that nothing can give more satisfaction than serving the needy villagers. Mr. Bhowmik also said that it is necessary to create an annual plan for rural development and re-allocate resources accordingly for CSR initiatives.