Usha Martin – A One-Stop Solution Company in the Global Wire Rope Industry

By Usha Martin

The wire rope market has witnessed immense growth because of the rising demands in the manufacturing sector and growth in infrastructure. Moreover, the rising number of projects related to drilling from ores, coal mining, and oil exploration brings a major market chance for the pioneer players operating in the steel wire rope market. The global steel wire rope market is estimated to see high growth in the coming period. With so many companies competing against one another, one company that deserves your attention worldwide now is Usha Martin.

What makes Usha Martin a leading Wire rope manufacturer and supplier globally?

Usha Martin has made its own place in the international market and has stood tall for the past 60 years. The company is one of the largest wire rope producers in the world. Decked with state-of-the-art technologies and technically advanced infrastructural facilities, it uses the highest-capacity machines to produce steel wire ropes, mining rope, elevator wire rope, fishing rope, structural rope, crane wire ropes, wire rope sling, and optical fiber cables to name a few. Besides producing wires, it also manufactures a wide variety of LRPC strands, including polymer-coated bonded & unbonded LRPC strands, which find application in various infrastructure, construction, and bridge projects.

The company delivers a wide range of value-added products and customized solutions to meet customers' specific needs. It offers services in varied sectors ranging from mining, crane, infrastructure, elevator, oil, and offshore. Its global clients are a testimony to its expertise in manufacturing top-notch products. Usha Martin has become one of the leading global players by offering comprehensive solutions using modern technologies and delivering sustainable growth opportunities to its customers.

Why do industries across the world partner with Usha Martin?

There are several benefits of working with Usha Martin. Some of them are given below:

Total solution provider: Usha Martin offers complete solutions under one roof when it comes to wire rope manufacturing, rigging services, installation, inspection, prestressing solutions, NDT services, etc. The company offers tailor-made products with value-added services to meet specific client requirements. The manufacturing plants and service centers have world-class rigging facilities, providing turnkey solutions, including socketing, cutting, coiling, spooling services, etc. From production and supply to installation, the company offers all turnkey services to its customers worldwide.

Global service network: Usha Martin has a robust, well-established network set up globally. All the service centers are decked with best-in-class rigging facilities to meet the specific demands of clients. The company enjoys support from a broad network of dealers worldwide, which are well equipped with in-house assembly and testing facilities to offer tailor-made products to suit different working conditions and ensure smooth delivery of products at the client's site.

Global R&D: When it comes to innovation and development, the company offers several innovative solutions for different sectors taking every initiative to meet their technical needs, focusing on designing top-quality wire ropes for critical applications to suit adverse working conditions. The Global Design Centre provides support to the group's manufacturing units and project management teams while leading technical guidance towards rope design, product improvement, and R&D activities.

Superior Performance: The products manufactured at Usha Martin deliver longer service life and ensure the utmost safety, keeping quality their major concern. With six decades of experience, the company uses state-of-the-art technologies. Processes undergo stringent quality testing measures at every stage of operation to produce high-quality wire ropes that meet global standards.

Global Accreditations: As Usha Martin pays utmost attention to its quality, it has several international accreditations to its name. The company's quality management system is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It is also accredited by many global manufacturing assessments, including ABS, Lloyds, DNV-GL, SNI, Australian Certification Authority for Reinforcing & Infrastructure Steel, etc.

Wide product range: Excelling in all the products it has to its name, Usha Martin offers a wide range of high-performance wire ropes, LRPC Strands, wires, prestressing accessories, and cables in the best quality to suit all critical environments for different applications across the industry.

After-Sales and Service: What makes Usha Martin stand out from the crowd is its after-sale services. The company has a robust network of service centers located worldwide. They work in the best efforts with their clients to extract the optimum performance of their products. From installation to an inspection of the wire ropes in different applications, it offers complete after-sales services to its customers. The company also offers customized training programs for its clients.

Usha Martin has been one of the best wire rope suppliers to several industries globally for six decades. The company follows innovative product development and unique manufacturing techniques to offer a wide range of high-quality wire ropes, wires, and strands.

Some of its most demanded products are:

● Steel wire rope: The company enjoys as one of the top players in producing the widest range of wire rope products globally. These ropes service different applications across various industrial segments.

● Oil and offshore rope: The Titan Oil field rope from Usha Martin is known for its superior strength and power. Manufacturing using top-notch technology, they offer a great strength-to-weight ratio.

● Crane rope: Crane wire ropes from Usha Martin offer high performance, longer service life, and less downtime, increasing operational efficiency even in harsh working conditions.

● Mining rope: Usha Martin mining ropes are designed to perform in harsh mining conditions in both surface and underground mining, helping the users accomplish lower downtime, higher life, and reduced maintenance cost.

● Structural rope: Usha Martin produces a wide range of high-quality structural ropes for critical projects and installations around the world. It offers superior quality pre-stretched locked coil bridge ropes and requisite end fittings in a ready-to-install condition.

● Conveyor Cord: Usha Martin produces high-quality conveyor cords, offering superior strength for use in belt conveyors for material handling industries.

● Engineering Rope: The company also produces different types of wire ropes suitable for general purposes like guyline, boring application, etc.


So, with years of experience and tradition in offering a wide range of products and an ideal customer service package, Usha Martin continues to rule the major businesses to date. Its varied range of wires, wire ropes, LRPC strands, and cables find application in construction, mining, elevator, automobile, oil & gas, fishing, telecom, and many more. The company has its reach in all the major markets and is one of the largest wire rope manufacturers globally, offering all the services under one roof. Connect with us to get more information on our products and services. We are here to help you.