What makes Usha Martin wire ropes superior for critical applications in Ports and Mines?

By Usha Martin

The wire ropes manufactured by Usha Martin are today catering to some of the most critical applications for almost all industrial sectors. Our wire ropes undergo stringent quality testing measures to ensure utmost safety with the highest quality standards that help to deliver high-performance ropes for different applications. With six decades of experience, we engineer in offering a wide range of products that suits all types of critical environment.

Special operations like compaction, plastication, and pre-stretching are induced to enhance product properties and performance. Usha Martin is probably the only company in the world that can provide a one-stop solution/ system guarantee of entire pre-stressing activities, having supply capability of all the required components backed up by a specialized service team and equipment.

In this blog, let us discuss the application of wire ropes used in Ports and Mines.


wire rope ports 

As transportation of goods by sea is more economical than either air or land, hence worldwide logistics through ships play a major role in the smooth functioning of business by carrying a huge volume of goods and materials from one country to another. Here ports play a major role, where goods are unloaded in the form of containerized loads or bulk material from the ships.

Unloading the goods from vessels within a limited timeframe is one of the biggest challenges faced by port terminals. Very high-capacity cranes are deployed in both container terminals and bulk material handling terminals to carry out these enormous tasks, which operate at a level of 50-60 meters above the ground. Here, the quality and life cycle of the wire ropes installed on heavy-duty cranes are crucial as they affect the downtime cost.

Usha Martin’s specially designed high-quality wire ropes are one of the most crucial components used in these heavy-duty cranes, without which the cranes can’t function at all.

A few key factors for preferring the Usha Martin brand are:

  • Accident-free performance ensures maximum human safety.
  • Longer service life.
  • Reduced downtime cost/ frequency to achieve the committed time cycle of port clearance.
  • Repeated contracts with major global port operators.

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of high-performance wire ropes, including plastic-impregnated compacted ropes with special properties that have delivered excellent results for our customers and helped to enhance operational efficiency in ports. To learn more about our crane ropes, visit https://ushamartin.com/products/crane-rope


Wire ropes are extensively used in mining applications, both in underground and surface mining. After excavation, wire ropes play a significant role in lifting and moving the ores, ensuring maximum safety of workers and equipment both in opencast and underground mines. Usha Martin spearheads the safety “movement” in mines by providing wire ropes with higher resistance to fatigue, wear & abrasion, ensuring longer operational life with minimum downtime cost.

Usha Martin has developed plasticated-valley-filled ropes, which are used extensively in very high-capacity shovels and draglines in opencast mines. Specially designed locked coil winding ropes are deployed for the safest movement of man & material in underground mines.

When it comes to critical operations in mining, global mining companies rely on us. Our wire ropes find applications in the following mining equipment:

  1. Surface Mining: Dragline, Hoist rope, Shovel, and Bucket Excavator.
  2. Under Ground Mining: Conventional Winder, Friction Winder, Chair Lift, and Direct Hauling System.
  3. Material Transportation: Monocable and Bicable Systems used in aerial transportation. Usha Martin design and manufactures the round strand haulage ropes used in Cable Belt Conveying System.

To know more about our products used in mines, visit: https://ushamartin.com/products/mining-rope


Usha Martin is one of the largest manufacturers of wire ropes in the world, supported by six global manufacturing units and service centers spread across the world. Our Global R&D center, located in Italy, has been at the forefront of finding innovative solutions for industry-wise technical needs, with a special focus on designing high-quality wire ropes for the critical and sophisticated application that meets your requirement under extremely adverse conditions. Over the years, we have built a robust network globally to offer our customers a comprehensive range of international quality products ensuring smooth delivery and uninterrupted service.