Most Common Wire Rope Terminology

Most Common Wire Rope Terminology You Need to Know

By Usha Martin

Does your business largely depend on wire ropes? The steel ropes used in heavy-duty applications are specially designed with the required specifications to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. A typical wire rope is made of four components—wire, strand, core, and rope. Apart from these, you might come across many other terms while dealing with wire ropes in day-to-day industrial activities. Read further to learn about some of the most common wire rope terminologies.

Common Wire Rope Terminology:

  • Wire- The individual strands that make up the wire rope.
  • Strand- A group of wires bound together to make a rope.
  • Core- The centre of a wire rope is often made of steel, sisal, jute, hemp, etc.
  • Rope- The final product comprises several strands wrapped around the core.
  • Bending Stress- It refers to the amount of stress laid on the wire when bent.
  • Abrasion- Day-to-day surface wear and tear on the wire ropes.
  • Aircraft Cables- These are specially crafted wire ropes designed to handle aircraft operations and related uses.
  • Construction- It refers to the building of the wire ropes, which includes the number of wires per strand.
  • Metallic Area– The total cross-sectional area of all the wires within a strand or rope.
  • Corrosion- Chemical damage to the metal wire ropes due to exposure to moisture, acid, alkaline, sea salt, and harsh cleaning agents.
  • Corrugated- When the surface of a reel or drum shows worn-out streaks due to wire ropes rubbing against it.
  • Drum- A large cylindrical barrel around which the wire rope is wrapped for storage purposes.
  • Elastic Limit- The maximum limit until a permanent deformation occurs in the ropes.
  • Fatigue Resistance- The wire ropes' resistance capacity lets them repeatedly bend without breaking.
  • Fiber Core– When the core of the wire rope is made of natural or synthetic fibre like sisal, vegetable material, polypropylene, etc.
  • Grooves- Indentations on the periphery of the drum or sheave that are shaped to position and stabilise the wire ropes in one place.
  • Grooved Drum– A drum with grooves that help easy support and winding of the wire roped around it.
  • Kink– A noticeable bend in the wire rope which is caused by the loop being pulled through. This bend permanently distorts the wires and strands of the rope.
  • Lay– The pattern or length along the wire rope that a strand takes to wrap completely around the core.
  • Left lay– In the case of strands, it refers to those wire strands that are braided into a helix having a left-hand pitch. Similarly, in the case of ropes, it relates to a rope where the helix pattern is formed with a left-hand pitch.
  • Reel– A spool around which the wire rope is wrapped like a roll, especially during storage and transportation.
  • Rotation-Resistant Rope– A rope having two layers of strands where each of the layers has opposite lay directions, allowing smooth rotatory movement.
  • Slings– Wire ropes that are fitted with other operating ropes for lifting heavy loads.
  • Socket– Socket means the type of rope fitting. It can be of three types: open, closed, and wedged.
  • Thimble– It is a single metal fitting with grooves, often used to cover the eye of a wire rope.
  • Breaking Strength– The tensile load at which the wire rope breaks or the tensile failure occurs.
  • Aggregate Strength- The sum of the individual strengths of each wire when subjected to tension.
  • Nominal Strength- Steel wire manufacturers in India use this standard of minimum strength calculated for wire ropes while designing.

Wrapping Up

Steel wire ropes have been a revolutionary invention. Its strength, reliability, and versatility make it ideal across a wide range of industries. From oil rigging to cargo lifting, they can withstand many heavy-duty applications. If you are also searching for the best steel wire rope suppliers, then Usha Martin is the one to trust. We are renowned steel wire manufacturers in India for delivering high-quality wire ropes, LRPC strands, pre-stressing solutions, and optical fiber cables. Get in touch with us to get industry-leading wires and cables today.