Everything You Need to Know About Optical Fiber Cable

By Usha Martin

A Fiber Optic Cable is a network cable with improved performance and bandwidth for data transfer. In addition, fiber optic cables are more reliable than standard metal conductors. As a result, cable manufacturers are producing these cables for commercial purposes.

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Fiber optic cable is suitable for the transfer of information using the medium of light. These cables consist of thin, transparent glass fiber rods. The fibers have three layers; the first layer is called the core, which is comparatively very smaller in diameter than the average hair diameter. Cladding is the second layer, which is constructed with a different refractive index as compared to the fiber core. Cladded fiber forms the third layer, i.e., acrylate coating. These fibers are cascaded in polymeric tubes. The multiple tubes are wrapped around to strengthen the members. The complete unit is coated/encapsulated in a sheathed/jacketed compound.

Types of Optical Fiber:

1. Single-Mode Fiber: Single-mode fiber optic cables are used for long-distance signal transmission.

2. Multimode Fiber: Multi-mode fiber optic cables are manufactured with a wide diameter and larger cores. These cables are used for shorter data transmissions.

Types of Optical Fiber Cable

There are generally four types of optical fiber cables. The following cables are different as per their build type and usage:

1. CATV Cable: Used for cable antenna TV signal transmission.

2. Multi-Loose Tube OFC: These cables are manufactured with multiple tubes for branch communication.

3. Armoured OFC: Armoured cable is used for direct burial or trench deployment applications.

4. ADSS OFC: All Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Fiber Cable is used for hanging applications, exhibiting very strong pulling strength.

The Benefits of Optical Fiber Cable

Fiber optic cable has many benefits, and a few of them are explained below:

1. Bandwidth & data transfer: Fiber optic cables are the best for data transfer and efficient transmission of signals.

2. High Speed: These cables use light pulses for data transfer and provide a higher speed of transmission.

3. Distance: Fiber optic cable can cover a very long distance as compared to copper cables. These cables offer less optical or transmission loss in signals.

4. Interference: Fiber optic cables offer high protection against interference compared to traditional metal wires. It has the capability to boost data transfer for much longer distances with safety.

5. Safety & reliability: Optical fiber cables are safe, reliable, and comparatively much lighter in weight. These cables are sturdier and come with a weatherproof coating.

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